Regionals Day 9: Flight Analysis

Papworth - Bardney - Hardwick - Gransden E (227.5km)

Regionals / Distance Handicapped Task,Y distance = 90.8 km, Handicapped Task distance = 227.0 km,Day Speed Points = 380, Day Distance Points = 474,Reason for Devaluation : Winners Time,

PosPilotGlideractualavg climb (knots)avg climb (ft)height lost in climb% thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg straight (knots)
1292 John TannerASW27b (15m)105.6 kph2.453420.17%34.1%47.410.579.8
22C Den HeslopVentus 2cx (18m)103.3 kph
3841 Graham DruryASW27b (15m)102.4 kph3.104560.11%32.7%42.811.873.4
4488 Peter Stafford AllenVentus b (15m)91.4 kph
5SA Richard MaisonpierreSpeed Astir88.9 kph2.663700.05%30.1%45.510.258.8
5HUJ Paul RuskinASW20f (15m)88.9 kph
7MB Richard MaskellASW27b (15m)88.3 kph2.373420.1%37.3%44.29.375.3
8HVR Andy ParishDiscus (15m)87.2 kph2.314830.08%37.7%37.811.263.2
9M25 Colin SmithersASH25 (25m)84.2 kph
10W8 Robert WelfordASG29 (18m)84.0 kph2.083530.22%39.8%49.110.575.3
11871 Andy Beatty Mark RobinsonDuo Discus (20m)79.9 kph
12246 Carol MarshallLS7 (15m)77.9 kph1.834230.18%48.2%358.665.5
13EW2 John StrzebrakowskiLak 19 (18m)77.7 kph1.993590.16%39.2%42.49.670.0
148T Julian Bayford Geoff BrownLS8-18 (18m)70.5 kph
15BXT Haluk YildizK-6cr (15m)62.9 kph1.874300.17%44.2%26.76.944.2
15HLV Richard Brickwood Peter BelcherASW19b (15m)67.4 kph
15347 Geoff GlazebrookLS6c (17.5m)68.4 kph
18644 Jem Davies Colin CowndenASW28-18 (18m)(192.7 km)1.944030.11%45.4%38.68.767.9
198F Chris LewisDuo Discus (20m)(179.0 km)1.573290.23%47%
H/CAA Finn SleighPegasus(147.6 km)1.442850.22%46.9%
207X Steve WoolcockLS7 (15m-w)(78.3 km)2.063100.17%33.9%37.89.966.1
21A39 Mark HawkinsVentus 2cx (18m)(28.1 km)
20L17 Ron BridgesLak17b (15m)
20TL2 Simon ArmitageDiscus (15m-w)
20KV Nick JenningsLS8 (15m)

Flight information has been taken from the IGC files. It's just for fun! To sort columns click on the column name - clicking a second time will change the sort order. Pilots with no information displayed probably didn't fly far enough to produce useful information, or scored penalty points.

It is only accuracte if the IGC file has a sufficiently high sample rate - for example if it logs every 6 seconds. Competitors with statistics in light grey have loggers which have insufficent information to accurately calculate statistics. In addition, some loggers show a lot of GPS jitter - these will throw up spurious thermals.

These stats are just for fun!